Sante Barley new product ( Sante Barley Toothpaste)


Sante Pure Barley Toothpaste

- Natural Smile Protection “All natural ingredients for fresh, clean and strong teeth.”
- Whole Mouth Protection “Barley helps heal and prevent inflammation in gums, tongue and cheeks.”
- Heart Protection “Barley and natural ingredients together help prevent gingivitis, good for heart health.”
- SLS free
- Fluoride free
- Paraben free

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Xseed Antioxidant Juice Powder by Gfoxx International


Xseed Antioxidant Juice Powder by Gfoxx International.

All the benefits of resveratrol, mangosteen, green barley, wheat grass, moringa, noni, 11 different seeds
and fibersol-2 in 1 bottle with extremely affordable price!

One of our highly anticipated new product of Gfoxx International,
Xseed Antioxidant Juice Powder available on 16 May 2016.

Xseed, Exceed your ordinary antioxidant juice ^^

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New Product from Gfoxx International Air lift cushion foundation !


Come back to your youthful beauty and glow in just 30 seconds…Anytime…Anywhere…
‪30seconds‬ young and beautiful anytime anywhere.

AIRLIFT Cushion Foundation
“Airlift Cushion is a state-of-the-art cosmeteutical — marrying the benefits of make up and skin care– in an ultrafine coverage powder that works instantly to conceal blemishes, lift skin, blur wrinkles and promote a fair and glowing complexion over time.”


10 SECONDS APPLICATION: Application is not time consuming, can easily pat on the face for a flawless long- lasting make up.
10 FUNCTIONS ONE MAKE-UP: Sunscreen, Automatic Color Correction, Concealer, Moisturizer, Controls Oil, Lightens Blemishes, Gives Elasticity, Anti- wrinkles, Whitens skins, For glowing skin.

The revolutionary cushion mechanism with 900000 pores
Comes with a Customize Puff: Light, Tactile, Flexible

•Oryza Sativa (Rice) Hull Powder
•Plant Extract Essence
•Multi Acetyl

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