Brain Fuel Plus a brand new MLM

Brain Fuel Plus a brand new MLM will soon to launch.


This product is created by company called Brain Abundance.

Eric J. Caparese is the Co-Founder and CEO.

Dr. Pejman Behrouzi is the Chief Science Officer behind this wonderful product.


Brain Fuel Plus benefits

• Reduces proliferation of breast cancer tumor cells by 40%
• Protects the brain from dementia and Alzheimer’s
• Greatly reduces inflammation and joint pain
• Reduces oxidative damage to your DNA by 40% (even at low doses)
• Greatly increases endurance, muscle recovery and workout performance
• Reduces the risk of cancer
• Reduces blood sugar level in diabetics and pre diabetics
• Improves fertility while decreasing the rate of stillborn births
• Promotes cardiovascular health, reduces C-Reactive Proteins (CRP)
• Reduces or eliminates carpal tunnel syndrome
• Boosts immune function and helps the body resist infections
• Protects the stomach from ulcers and invasive bacteria
• Protects the kidneys from damage due to high blood sugar
• Causes cancer cells to commit suicide (apoptosis)
• Greatly improves sperm quality, motility, and sperm count
• Prevents asthma by normalizing histamine levels
• Protects the body from highly oxidative foods like fried foods

Marketing Plan


THERE  WILL  be   a   ONETIME  $20   added  to  all 3  Order Packs .

(((( THIS  WILL GET  YOU  3  Built in capture pages  in your  Back office  set  to   your replicated  Links!

Includes  Videos  testimonials  Created that  you can send   out Immediately to  promote Brain Fuel!

The  One time   $20   also   Gets you  your  Full  replicated  website.  and also a Full  built in drip system that lets people in your team  know they are missing  BONUSES and  also  lets  them  know  When New people land in their team!  Day 1


THIS  WEBSITE  IS  TOP NOTCH!  Videos  Testimonials!  Product  info!   and  again  3 Built in capture pages already created that  everybody can send  right  out! With Videos and testimonials  to share their  business and   Opt ins  go right into  your Business!


ANY  one  of  the   3  packs!   Including   the  one  Bottle  Qualifies  you  for the Business! and  your Replicated website! Capture pages !  and   the built  in  Drip system!    all included  for   One  on  our  3 Packs  and  the  Onetime $20


  • PACK 1  #######     There is  a  1  Bottle   $59  plus shipping
  •  PACK 2   #######    There  is  a  3 pack  $129    plus shipping    Qualifies  you  60 days  as a 2  STAR!     $43  Per Bottle
  •   PACK  3  ######     There is  a  6  Pack  $199   plus shipping    Qualifies   you  60  days  at  3    STAR                      (( Starts Coded Bonuses Fast starts and Binary Big Leg )$33  per  Bottle!  =   6  Pack  price

***  REMEMBER  1  sale  right ( $59 ) and 1 Sale  Left ( $59 )  you   Cycle  $20 over  and  over and over!

 Big  Leg  Never  flushes!  those  sales  Hold  until  you  match   1  Bottle  on your  PAY  leg  always  kicks out $20  wether its  your order or all your  team orders!

Potential  Binary Earning!!!  

 Let’s say  you  have  1000   Sales  on  a  Run away  Big  Leg!  Leg  Sales  Never  Flush  until  they  are matched with  one sale on the opposite  team  and a  $20  cycle  is  generated!  Never flushes

1000  Left   (( could be all Spill ))    10  sales  Right   EVERY  MONTH

10  sales  left   meet  10   sales  right    10 cycles = $20    Thats  $200  residual  per  month!

990  sales   are left in that left leg  for  next month     Everybody  does   1 bottle  to  stay  active!

1000 Left  sales  (( could be all Spill ))

100  Sales  right  from  your  whole  team!     that’s   100 left     100 sales  right

100 cycles =$20  thats  $2,000   residual  monthly!!

and    900 sales     are  in  the left  team  for  next Month!!

1000 left sales ((( could be all spill ))       1000 Sales   right leg  ( your team effort )

that’s   1000   cycles  = 20,000 a  month  In  the  Binary!

Not to  mention   FAST STARTS!  CODED BONUSES!!


REMEMBER!!   You  can  earn    ((( 3 star  Status )))  or   you  can  Buy  a  ====   6  Pack  $199    and   (( get  3 star Rank status for  60 days  ))))

 **** VERY  IMPORTANT  at  3 Star  rank!   Coded  Fast  start bonuses start  for  3 generations!!

  Also at  3 Star Rank::   you   Get  Coded bonuses  off  your  Entire Team  even  the  BIG LEG!!   


You  could  be  earning  .50 cent  to  $1  a  Bottle  off of   hundreds  or  even  thousands  of  New  Bottles    coming  into  that  BIG  LEG  EVERY SINGLE WEEK!  Yes  this is a Weekly  Check!

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