New Product from Gfoxx International Air lift cushion foundation !


Come back to your youthful beauty and glow in just 30 seconds…Anytime…Anywhere…
‪30seconds‬ young and beautiful anytime anywhere.

AIRLIFT Cushion Foundation
“Airlift Cushion is a state-of-the-art cosmeteutical — marrying the benefits of make up and skin care– in an ultrafine coverage powder that works instantly to conceal blemishes, lift skin, blur wrinkles and promote a fair and glowing complexion over time.”


10 SECONDS APPLICATION: Application is not time consuming, can easily pat on the face for a flawless long- lasting make up.
10 FUNCTIONS ONE MAKE-UP: Sunscreen, Automatic Color Correction, Concealer, Moisturizer, Controls Oil, Lightens Blemishes, Gives Elasticity, Anti- wrinkles, Whitens skins, For glowing skin.

The revolutionary cushion mechanism with 900000 pores
Comes with a Customize Puff: Light, Tactile, Flexible

•Oryza Sativa (Rice) Hull Powder
•Plant Extract Essence
•Multi Acetyl

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